Curious if any interest in 70000H/S farm - Thread closed

Hi guys pm if u’re interested renting the farm for 3,6 or 12 months future updates included.

Up! hashrate update with the arrival of new cards :slight_smile:

Up! Update 35000H/S available pm if u’re interested renting the farm for 3,6 or 12 months future updates included.

What’s the price for 3 months?

Up! Update 70000H/S available pm if u’re interested renting the farm for 3,6 or 12 months future updates included.

you could just mention how much it costs 3, 6 and 12 months. just sayin’

Sure ,50K -3 months,95K - 6 months and 180K $- 12 months all costs included (electricity,etc)

what kind of graphic cards you have for all 70000 h/s

33 x 1080Ti
27 x 1070
52 x 1060
40 x Fury

You want to sell it all?

Not for sale :slight_smile:

It looks like you have about 65 to 70 thousand in hardware. You’re burning about 21kw/hr. That’s about $1600/mo for power => about 20 grand a year for power. You’ll get about 312 ZEC in a year at current difficulty, so don’t bet on that. I’d guess 220 at most. Your annual “rent” rate is way, way too high, and you have no substance to your “proposal”, which is flimsy on its face at best.

On top of that if one just buys outright today $180,000 in ZEC, they would receive 400 units. Why should they give you money and get half that amount in a year? The money you want is simply stupid. No investor with any money will do this. The best you’d get is is that they laugh in your face.

If you want to sell, I’ll buy the hardware if it’s in the US and I can inspect it first in person. I’d give you 65 grand.

The offer was made 21 days ago if u look well things were diffrent then … if u don’t want to rent u can buy ur own hardware if u can find it

ZCash prices from 21 days ago to now are about the same. Your putative offer lists nothing of substance to justify or legitimize the claim, and on top of that, the numbers just do not make sense. That said, anyone reading this who is in a position to invest any amount of money would consider your proposal amateurish as best and fraudulent at worst.

Moreover, you opened this thread over a year ago when when prices were MUCH less and the difficulty was MUCH lower. Since no one has taken you up on your offer in that time others likely find your proposal dubious as well. You should use the hardware yourself and keep the ZEC…that is if you actually have it. On top of that, you should delete your thread since it’s obviously going nowhere.

And the difficulty was the same too :slight_smile: never mind i’ll close this thread but for ur information 21 days ago the estimate was 190K /year and the bill for electricity is 3000$/month


70k hash = 26 zec monthly = 12000 USD at current market price.
thats 78 zec in 3 months

at current price 78 zec is 36000USD

now why would someone pay 50000 USD to someone that promises to deliver 78 zec “or less” in 3 months period rather than buying it outright at 30% discount and get it instantly ?

I understand phakov point and I see it legitimate.

I would understand your service offer if it was less than 36000USD for 3 months .
this way you guarantee a fixed price of zec and not worry about market fluctuations .

but with your rates . you better close this thread .