Mining at 2,898,219.250 Sol/s or 329 ZEC/day

Hey all, so just wanted to point your attention to Pool Closed

Do you all even hashpower? What is going on there, any idea?

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Botnet , chinese mega miner or fake hashrate.

Crazy shit, if he was using let’s say 390s, it would take more than 16000 of those gpus for that hashrate

Unless he has a miner doing 10000H/s per GPU

20’000x RX 480 GPUs?
Someone optimised the shit out of miner.
Someone mannaged to get it working on ASCI miners.
Someone created virus that runs miner in background of thousand of computers.

Any of the above scenario is possible xD

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He’s using Nicehash


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Lol, I love where this is going, I wonder how many % of the total hashrate does that person hold now?

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NiceHash have less than 50’000 sol/s now.
And I don’t know why those are still mining with it.

That NiceHash program is givving 30 sols on GTX 1070.
SilentArmy is here for last week, giving 90 sols/s.
And in last 3 days, 2 new miners pooped up with 120 sol/s.

Not sure what’s going on with NiceHash, but it seems like they just gave up.

I do belive you were being sarcastic xD

If that guy keep mining with 3m sol/s, ZEC will drop to 40$ in few days xD

You understand you can rent sol/s there?

But not that much lol

thats over 10% of the entire network.

Hope someone comes up with the answer!

If you want to stay ignorant, that’s ok.

Dev miner fee pool :wink:

Look at this

And this

Whatever is doing this, it’s pulling around 3MWh lol
If the price is 0,1$ per kWh, they must be paying 216’000$ per month just for electricity.

I’m gonna find that farm and steal some of them GPUs!

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This is huge, only one guy have the same hash rate than the whole suprnova pool. Anybody have seen something like that before (even in another coin) ?

Someone refocused one of the worlds super computers? China’s latest supercomputer has 10.65 million compute cores… Basically just killed off this coin anyway.

Now that sounds scary AF, way to dominate a coin, right there

Is this what you’re talking about? 10 million-core supercomputer hits 93 petaflop/s, tripling speed record | Ars Technica