November 5, 2021 - forum update

Hello Zcashers,

Happy Friday! Once again, the land of crypto has been full of exciting developments.

Zcash updates

  • NU5 security assessments are complete without any critical issues.
  • Agoric, an open-source development company and longtime friend of ECC, announced the launch of its interoperable proof-of-stake chain and economy. ECC and Agoric intend to work together to bring shielded Zcash to Agoric smart-contract developers and users.
  • Zcash turned 5! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and the continued support.
  • We have opened a new role for a Community Manager. Check out details and apply on our careers page.


  • Conducted several interviews for Senior DevSecOps and Senior Security Engineer
  • Updated lightwalletd mainnet and testnet instances
  • Last phase of Debian Zcash debug binary deployment underway
  • Completed initial implementation of multi exporter environment
  • Reviewed github access control settings
  • Security retros


  • Continued work on adding recursion to Halo 2
  • Updated SHA-256 and Poseidon gadgets, and created benchmarks for Poseidon
  • Continued making progress on converting the Zcashd wallet to derive all new addresses from mnemonic seed
  • Made great progress on core Orchard and Unified Address wallet support
  • The major lemma for the Halo 2 security proof is done!!
  • Merged a good PR from jarys (one of the Trezor developers)
  • Audit reports are published! (see this blog post for details)
  • Refined and improved the solution to Unified Viewing keys


  • General project bootstrapping accomplished for devs/repos
  • Secant iOS Wallet
    • Onboarding & Recovery Phrase flow finishing up
    • Scaffolding of navigation and major flows
  • Secant Android Wallet
    • Onboarding & Recovery Phrase flow catching up
    • Implementing design style-guide (as is)
    • Scaffolding of navigation and major flows

In the news, India’s top securities regulator issued a warning against dealing in unregulated assets. The upcoming European Union’s Markets in Crypto Assets package of crypto regulations could simplify crypto business possibilities throughout the EU. A record number of crypto enthusiasts descended upon New York’s NFT.NYC conference devoted to all things non-fungible.

Bon week-end!