Different balances between the Linux client and the blockexplorer

I express my respect and ask for help.
Part 1.
I created in walletgenerator address and got a key from it. At this address, coins from the flypool were received every day. After importing the private key into the zcash linux client, there is a zero balance. Blockexplorer shows at this address the coins, but the official wallet does not.
Part 2.
I created another address by the same scheme, and it showed the balance corresponding to the blockexplorer. After a time there was a breakdown of hdd. I had to install a new OS and install the linux zcash wallet again. I imported the key, the balance was displayed. Then there was a failure in my OS and I had to perform the same actions again. However, now the official zcash wallet after importing a private key shows a balance (last transactions) over the past few days, in blockexplorer there is still a full balance. I do not understand why in the blockexplorer and in the official wallet are different amounts. how it can be related with the reinstallation of the wallet, if the private key and address are reliable and have not changed? What kind of information should I provide so that you can help me?

What walletgenerator and what blockexplorer you are using?

Was zcashd fully synced at this moment? The number of zcash-cli getinfo blocks was the same as last number in blockexplorer?

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Without full synchronization, my commands are not executed. Yes, it was synchronized.
And your last question is the most interesting. I can check it later. Thank you.

Nevertheless, this problem persists for a long time and the issue of inconsistency due to the time of requests to the blockchain seems unlikely. I will definitely check.

Yes, the block numbers are the same. Iā€™m very upset.

Assuming the private keys have already been imported into zcashd (the zcash linux client) try a wallet rescan. Note this is quite slow so just leave it running.

Start with the option -rescan so zcashd -rescan - as per the docs this will

Rescan the block chain for missing wallet transactions on startup

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Also what version of zcashd are you running? zcashd --version

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Zcash Daemon version v2.0.0

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Thank you very much!
rescan worked!
The balance at this address became relevant.
The second part of my question can be closed.