How to check my balance?

I’ve recently begun on cryptocurrency mining and im struggling to find out my balance. I’m currently using EWBF miner and currently connected to zec-eu1.nanopool, my sol/s is roughly 163. Any ideas on how to find out my balance with that info?

Did you set a ZCash address to WEBF if not you are mining to the dev address

Yes my Zcash address is set to my worker.

My Zcash address hasnt recieved anything yet, is it because my balance isnt reaching my payout yet?

Then check on your wallet, where do you get that address from? Of course, you can always check in a blockchain explorer but will be easier and faster in your own wallet.

I’ve got the worker set up to a Jaxx wallet.

ive checked and it still is saying no funds as of yet

have you reach the .01 milestone to transfer from flypool? could you please share the address or PM me plz