Does anybody whos this pool/address is?

If you check on Zchain explorer for this address t1XE1kWtsZAemy123KCcv2z3Fonbksnupka, you will see that for last week is mining more ZEC than Flypool. Also this pool/address has started mining just 5-6 days ago and it is already bigger than Flypool, whihc until last week had more than 51%.
Does anybody knows what is this pool/address?

here is the explorer

i’m not sure about my math, to get 10 zec per day, this address needs to have 3,000,000 sols, who could have that many sols?

my math is off, they are getting 10 zec just from a few minutes.

Definitely appears to be an ASIC manufacturer.

My guess it’s a asic manufacturer.
Nanopool lost about 22k sol and 2000 miners last week, seems like all regular pools are declining and strange very powerfull pools keep popping up.
Strange situation atm, price low, diffi down, My guess is when the price goes up, the diffi will sky rocket…

Something strange is happening here, Flypool, Nanopool are losing miner and new pool/address has show up just over night as bigest pool.
Also diff is skyrocketing today and price is still dropping.

Here are the possibilities:

1.) Innosicicons 50k Sol Asic Mining Pool. That pool showed up as soon as Innosilicon announced their 50k Miner. Pretty sure it’s an Asic Pool and it’s most likely it’s Innosilicon.

2.) Asicminer 40k by Asicminer Pool. Another Asic Producer than announced shipping it’s units in July. It’s possible they are “testing” them now. The 2nd most likely scenario in my opinion.

3.) Bitmain testing a 40k Z9 miner (not mini). I personally think it’s a bit soon for it, but you never know. It’s the 3rd most likely option but in my opinion not very likely.

4.) A new Asic Player on equihash. In such case my bet would go on Baikal, eventually Halong. We have no evidience about a new player but it’s stil a possibility of course.

5.) When the pool was smaller in the beginning i thought it could be even a new Nicehash Cloud, but with that hashrate by now this is no longer a valid assumption/option in my opinion.

Sure seems fair that ASIC makers should get half of all the newly minted coins /s