Is Nanopool scamming?

It started of ok, then suddenly about 4 days ago the amount of Zec mined just seemed way off to the estimates. So I went to ether.

But checking the numbers on claymores v4.0, I Should be a little better of on Zec.

So I restated miner on nanopool and mined for 6 hours at 320 sols and only received unconfirmed 0.0029 zec.

That’s the amount before any has been sent to confirmed balance.

about 61 cents in (US currency).

I used about $0.93 (US) in power.

so I didn’t even break even.

Even according to nanopools own calculator I should have mined .0069 over the 6 hours.

So what is going on?

I found that claymores crashes alot and the instability possibly equates to less Sols over time compared to a more stable miner, could that be whats happening?

I never mined on Nanopool 1,927 miners and 7220 workers seems a bit odd

I definitely think so. I have 6KH on that pool. Please see my comment on their pool thread. They made excuses after excuses on why the pay out was so low. It was 50% less than what to mine show and a easier comparison was comparing to my friend who had less hash on Suprnova and he got more $$ then I did during the same period. The delay in the first few days of payment made it worst as well since not only did I get less ZEC but by the time I get to cash them out, it was worth even way less.

the pool was smelling scammier and scammier each day to me and i switched to flypool. since that time i am getting the calculated rewards. on nanopool i was getting 0.02 ZEC less for same hasing power

Some more zec came in an hour later, total was .00456137 for 6 hours

I went to another pool that charges 1%

mined for 6 hours, so i can compare apples to apples

same hash rate. and I got 0.01719. vs nano’s 0.00456137

A difference of 3.9 x :angry: