Zecwallet.Lite Unified addresses

In Zecwallet.Lite-1.8.6 - for Unified Addresses there is no possibility to do Private Key Export. How to backup the private key for an Unified address?

Unified addresses do not have private key exports. They are generated from your seed phrase, so you need to backup your seed phrase, which backs up your unified addresses.

Thanks you.

Do I understand correctly that only the shielded address has a private key? Which is generated separately for each address.

All addresses - Unified, Shielded (sapling) and transparent are generated from the same seed phrase. So as long as you have saved the seed phrase, you can get back all your addresses.

Shielded (sapling) and Transparent addresses allow exporting the individual private keys for convenience, but they’re all derived from your seed phrase.

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Thanks for the clarification.
Сan i ask you some more questions?

  1. how to replace the seed phrase with an already installed wallet. the wallet has a function to view the seed phrase and export it, as well as export / import private keys. but importing a seed phrase (from another Zecwallet.Lite wallet) in the settings is not possible.
    How to import another seed phrase?

  2. Zecwallet.Lite was blocked. The block was removed, and there is no such possibility to install it back in the settings.
    How to install a lock?

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OK. I figured out the first question myself.
On the second question - after removing the lock from the wallet in the settings, there is no way to restore the lock. notifies that the wallet is unlocked and ready to go. But the question is - How to encrypt the wallet again?