Ethereum's hashrate almost cut in half

Guess that will change as more coins hit the market and value decrease but it’s very interesting to see. As soon as there the something more lucrative to mine, miners join and the other coins network strength weakens.

Lets just wait another 2-3 days until all the noobs that invested their money into mining ZEC come running and crying how they lost money. People were erning 40€ a day with one gpu and one cpu only. I cant even count how many people started buying cpus and gpus, but none of them was thinking about the increse of difficulty and the zec price being an absolute pump and dump.

As it stands today if you have 400H/s on ZEC with the price of 0,7 per zac you are gonna make around 20€ a day. If you translate that to eth at this moment you are gonna have around 300Mh/s and make 2- 2,5 eth a day. Until today ZEC was the money maker but today they are dead even. Lets wait tomorrow to see what happens.

My prediction is that the difficuly and price will even out with ETH and ZEC. Soo both are around the same money like ETC and ETH are or like FEATHER and ETH are and so on.

Small tip to all noobies, dont invest your money into new rigs afer the first day of a booming coin. 6days later here we are with a completly different story.

EDIT: Part of the price drop of ZEC is also on claymores shoulders. With his miner dubling every1s speeds and no need for powershell scripts so every 10 year old can run a miner on his computer didnt do anything good to us money making wise.