Doubt about R9-390 and

Good evening, I think I already have these questions in the forum but I did not find a good answer, my doubt is:

I’m setting up a rig with 6 x r9-390, more specifically
– AMD RADEON R9 390 1015M ( R9-390P-8DF6 )

I’d like to know if it’s profitable, what factors should I pay attention about one GPU

now about

I would like to know if the site is working normally or is off … I made a purchase and status is freeze in “Processing”, I tried to contact but I did not get an answer

Romulo Nuno.

I am wondering the same thing as I have sent a couple of emails to him with no response and my order has been in “processing” status since Saturday.

Same here, I emailed Cryptomined a couple of time but haven’t received any reply yet from him. I wonder what happened to my orders.