I ordered from cryptomined

I ordered from cryptomined.com . A motherboard, cpu, ram, power button, dual power supply adapter . The communication through the whole process was fantastic for it just being a 2 person operation. The products were delivered to the east coast usa within a week of being marked shipped. Everything was packed securely nothing was broke or doa and everything works

Items were ordered Jun 23. Received July 2nd Up and running July 10th. Thank you cryptomined.

Thanks Willis :slight_smile:

Best of luck mining :slight_smile:

Now I know for some people these numbers aren’t a lot but for me I’m quite satisfied with 2 r9 290’s
2 r9 390’s and 2 gtx 1080’s giving me 2.4kh/s on Windows 7.

I know I’m going off topic with this one but I created the topic. But do you have a node running? I set one up it ran all night with thousands of transactions. Then I read running a node you receive tokens? What are these tokens? I see a wallet.dat file in the .zcash folder but I never set up the swing wallet yet. And can I just use a wallet address that I use for mining? If so where do I put this wallet address in for the node to send to it?

I wanted to know: do you organise shipping to EU? And how the customs fees are managed?

i dont run a node i need to use linux more

No worries I figured it out. Linux mint is built from ubuntu so the commands for ubuntu work with mint. But mint is similar design to Windows. It’s neat and easy to figure out. Very user friendly. Plus all scripts are online just copy and paste and edit here and there . Thanks for every thing. I’ve received 2 or 3 emails from your site for updates on order. Your doing a fantastic job keep it up.

try manjaro or antergos


try the KDE versions
though manjaro has a community “cinnamon” distribution also
they are arch based instead of debian based like ubuntu or mint.

Just got my package!
Order got shipped the 26 and arrived today.
Package was a little bit damaged (only an angle of the box got smashed), but all products are in great condition.

Thank you so much @cryptomined I will be ordering again your new 009 riser versions!

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What are the new features on that new 009 riser?

Thanks :slight_smile: hope you like the risers

well the main difference is they have an led on them to show they are on. they also have different/new locks on them, though that doesn’t really make any difference… we went though about 5 or so suppliers in june, and this factory was by far superior in everyway. high quality.

Nice, thanks. I’m currently running 007 risers that have 6 pin connectors and sata cables. Im a little concerned about people saying sata isn’t the best to use with 1080 Ti rigs since they use so much power, but i can’t tell if they’re only talking about using the sata to molex adapters, or if the 6 pin sata cables aren’t good to use either. Im only using 200-210 watts per card and my entire 8x rig measure about 16.5 amps on my kill-o-watt meter. Im still trying to figure out if i should replace my risers with the models that have molex connectors instead since i don’t have enough pci-e cables to directly connect to all my 6 pin risers.

I was really looking at the 009 risers for my next batch of purchases and I think the power led is a good addition <3

I’ll ask again : are you shipping to Europe Union?

yes they do: for more info: https://cryptomined.com/index.php?main_page=shippinginfo

yes we do regularly.

Ok! Nice. I’ll place a little order soon.

Can I send you my postal adress?

Cryptomined is dangerously unreliable, order at your own risk!
Read here(still ongoing): Never do business with Cryptomined - it's inefficient, risky and extremely unpleasant