R9 390 8g 1060mhz or r9 fury ? ( buying today please help a semi noob )


looking at getting r9 390 or r9 fury …

what would you recomend ?

ordering in afew hours so please let me know


At the moment I would only recommend rx470 or rx480. It doesn’t care if 4 or 8 GB Memory. After claymore released new miner maybe the cuda mining (gtx1070,gtx1080) could provide some nice hashrate …

claymore said the zec build was amd only ?


Wait until miners are released and then buy.

If you are rich, get the Fury
If you have cheap power, get the 390
If you have neither, get the 470 4gb

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lol im not rich but birthday is in 2 days…

which R9 ?

Sapphire Radeon R9 390 NITRO Tri-X Graphics Card - 8 GB ?

This the right models ?

Sapphire NITRO Radeon R9 FURY Graphics Card - 4 GB HBM - 4096-bit - 1050 MHz


Sapphire Radeon R9 390 NITRO Tri-X Graphics Card - 8 GB


Sapphire NITRO+ RX480 8GB AMD Graphics Card 1306MHz

There is also a saphire nitro+ rx480 with 4 gb memory, which cost 50 $ less then the 8 gb version. Don’t think that this one is slower in mining …

dam too many options

yop :-), thats why Im waiting until I know more… also my 18 risers from china need ~ 30-60 days time to arrive … :blush:

Lol ill hold off aswell…

AMD boys will be raking in 100 sol/s per card though … gotto be on it straight away


Is this one decent mate ?

Theres 4gb ram version for 200 bucks

what diff will the ram make when mining ?

You might as well buy a second hand R9 290 instead of the 390 since its identically the same card. Only difference is the memory 4GB vs 8GB. However the 290 is probably half price.


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Im running RX480s/Fury Xs/Furys

Im having problems on the Furys with Genoil

Dont think there will be much difference, I heard the 8 GB Memory is clocked bit higher then the 4 GB Version …

saphire nitro 470 8gb is a very good card i find, im pulling 30+ sols each, they use half the power of a 390 or 290. get the 8gb version as it will help retain its value (8gb memory is good for vr) the 8gb version also uses faster ram.

How many cards are you planning on getting and are you using them in a closed case?

Think about buying 16 of them ;-), but the 4GB Version. But I wait a bit to see whats the ZEC price develope. And also if we see soon a 100 H/s miner ;-)…, I use it in a open case made by Ikea … :wink:

By the time you wait…order everything…get everything hooked up… it wont be as profitable as it is today.

Those GPUs made like $1.50 daily before ZEC was released and they will most likely make a similar amount in the near future since the difficulty will keep flying.

You need to start mining YESTERDAY!


got this comes tomorrow