Never do business with Cryptomined - it's inefficient, risky and extremely unpleasant

I’m having extremely shitty experience ordering 200+ raisers and 50 PSU connectors from Cryptomined.
Currently after 7 days it’s still stuck at the customs (Tbilisi, Georgia) due to faulty shipping documents and it’s yet not clear how much it will cost me in addition to what was paid, especially considering that he’s doing nothing to mitigate the situation.

LAST UPDATE 25-SEP: I still have not received the shipment but the end is near. So far after arriving to Georgia on Sep-21 I went to DHL the next day to initiate the expertise (apparently they couldn’t start it without my live signature) to determine the real cost of the items. Which could take up to 14 days, but due to some connections I had to engage it took only 4 days, so now the real items cost has been determined at about 850$, and I already paid the expertise cost - about 25$. Also I had to go to the Revenue Services and issue Georgian tax id, since I’m no resident here. Now I’d need to pay 18% custom duties on 850$, while it should be freaking 0! Also the last step would be to bring the now privately owned raisers to the tax free zone, which requires some more logistics and paperwork.

UPDATE 12-SEP: Currently I need @cryptomined to provide me contact information of his supplier in order to change the AWB and Invoice recipient to the company name instead of a person’s name (or do this himself)

If the recipient would not be changed either I will need to fly there and initiate the customs clearance or I’ll need to issue the power of attorney and send the originals with an express mail.

In any case there will be an expertise at customs that will identify the items and determine the real cost, which would require fees for the expertise in addition to taxes and storage fees.

UPDATE2 12-SEP: Changing my plans with intent to fly into Tbilisi due to the need created by @crapformind

Beware!!! After getting your payment he’s willing to do zero effort to help you, his customers.
Actually there were indications that he’s quite irresponsible even before I wired the funds, which I missed due to my “positive bias” toward the “same community member”.

Even more, he’s so incredibly ignorant that his reasons for not doing the things that he was asked and promised to do: 1-you never asked and 2-you don’t need it. Seriously.

  1. From the beginning he was asked specifically “Not to send anything before providing copies of the shipping documents that I need to get approved by our customs broker” - nothing. Numerous times after the shipment left he was asked to provide these docs, he promised to do so, yet he didn’t. (see conversations below)

  2. He was asked several times to make sure (I have NEVER seen the AWB to even check what’s written there!) that the name on the delivery address is a company name, which is apparently NOT. (this I still need)

  3. The invoice issued by the guys (someone that actually ships “his” goods) and sent with the shipment says that the shipment cost is around 100USD, which is total bs, and customs officials apparently agree. (this one I can fix now with $ loss)

When I told him on Sep-7th that I need him to send me these shipping docs, because the customs clearance has been stopped due to faulty documents, this was his reply:
“you see
they will contact you if needed
and you are freaking out over nothing”

He was repeatedly told that I’m not in the country that the goods just arrived to and if anyone would contact me, I wouldn’t be able to do a thing, yet he cares none for this.

Currently due to me being “too demanding” for his taste he wrote me an msg letting me know that he will not communicate with me anymore, because “I’m a dick” and I “insult” him because of my inquiry if he’s high, when he suggested that I should not worry instead of providing me with the needed (and promised on multiple occasions) docs.

@cryptomined Please contact your partner and ask them to (EDIT: approach DHL and change the name of the recipient to the company name on the invoice and the AWB) never work with you again.

Why the fuck this crapformind guy persistently asks me where I’m located now instead of fulfilling his promises?


i was about to order some mining equipment as well, might have to rethink that now :confused:
Sry to hear about your experience, never a good thing

this is the actual invoice included with the package:

and this is the only “shipping document” Cryptomined provided me with:

I see no reason to hide this post (was once hidden)

You can always order raisers via
If you orderig as as company, you can use Tradin Assurance option. It cost you additional 3%, but is perfectly safe. Payment options are PP, CC, WIRE…
I have ordered from trusted supplyer 2 month ago 150 pcs raisers ver 007s with price 3.86 usd/pcs.
The process is like this:

  1. Day nagotiations
  2. Day I sent funds via CC
  3. Day supplyer received funds and sent me raisers
    10.Day raisers artived on my custom via DHL
    13.Day raisers was connected on my machines.
    It is so simple.

well… you are correct and it’s not the first time I’m buying raisers, and I never had any issues before. but I thought that working with a ‘fellow miner’ would be better for several reasons, well… apparently I was wrong.

My suggestion to you is to never mix fellows and business :grinning:

LOL, the guy is asking for 200 dollars for shipping a mining rig stand, wtf do you expect?

He also do not except Paypal. Hopefully you paid with crypto currency, otherwise that guy has your credit card too.

I assume the unit price is for his “tax”. So, good luck trying to get him to change it. Why would you do business with an individual that doesn’t provide a save transaction platform?

No I don’t think he’s a crook, definitely unprofessional though.
Also very ignorant and self-assured individual, probably living in a fantasy world.
EDIT: Clueless gaijin looking from outside at the mysterious Chinese culture, separated from it by the language barrier forever.

Well, he changed the price of your device, and he did not provide a save platform for transaction.

He made hundreds of dollars and show the tax man 200. I wonder why.

He might not be a crook (even tho he acts like one), but you are screwed. Good luck, hopefully you can resolve your “shipping issue”.

11 Sep 17 7:35 AM - Clearance delay - TBILISI,GEORGIA

@cryptomined Do what you’ve been asked to and promised to do. Fix the documents!!!

at least change the name of the recipient in AWB and invoice to the company name

In my experience, this is common practice for anyone in Asia shipping goods to Europe/North America.

If you are buying from overseas and if it comes by UPS/DHL then you will end up paying import duty which is about 20% (in England) of the value of what is being imported - meaning the value on the invoice documentation with your parcel.

So @cryptomined is essentially doing you a favour on that side of things… And the same as thousands of Asian businesses are doing too.

Well you probably share your “experience” with Cryptomined. And your "probably’ is not my “definitely”…
But thank you very much for such “favors” I have 0 tax, free zone there.

@cryptomined PLEASE provide contact information of your shipper!
I cannot release from customs without proper documents!!!

I have ordered from @cryptomined previously and been happy with the service and have another order it the way…

I may be wrong, but a tax-free zone doesn’t always mean that you don’t may import duty on goods coming in from another country.

Anyway, good luck!

thank you for your wishes.
“tax free zone” may mean anything to you or something or whatever…it has no relevance, nor opinions or thoughts of @cryptomined for that matter.
I know what I need and it was clearly stated.

@Ursul0 I understand you are having a disagreement with Cryptomind, you have this thread to try to seek a resolution. Do not spam other threads with this issue.

Also please abide by the Code of Conduct, personal attacks are not permitted.


@Shawn thank you for your attention, thank you for moderation.
at this point my hopes of getting @cryptomined to do anything is very low, but I’m at least looking to vent my frustration and warn other people against dealing with someone who is unable to focus on simple tasks and keep his words.

Well, I never paid for any import feed, tax on anything I purchased from Asia. My invoice also has the actual dollar values for the goods I purchased. So, Idk where your common practice came from. LOL.

Currently it’s being delayed for 7 days already.

I need @cryptomined to contact the sender and change the name of the recipient in AWB to the company name,
or at the very least provide contact information of the sender so I’ll do it myself

The number from the ‘invoice’ I have: TEL:86-02026294751 is unreachable

@Shawn I’ve encountered this Cryptomined person here, maybe as you can exert some influence to make him fulfill my requests above.