Doubt transfers addresses

Hello, I have some doubts about transfers.

I’m using zcash4win. I installed with the help of the staff of the forúm (thanks for that.)


1 - I saw that I have two addresses, which one should I use to receive the zcash?

2 - I want to receive an amount above 100 zcash, is it safe to receive by zcash4win?

3 - Can I receive transfers from other wallets other than zcash4win?

4 - What is the fee charged for receiving and sending zcash?

5 - About the privacy of zcash4win is it really anonymous?

About the installation:

6 - I made the installation according to the orientation of the forum, to initialize the transactions is it necessary to complete the synchronization of the blockchain?

7 - To initiate the transactions is necessary to register in some site?

8 - According to the scenario that was shown, zcash4win installed, do I need to do something else to start the transactions?

9 - What is the best place to buy zcash?

They are many questions, but most are simple to answer. I am a beginner, and I have not seen more detailed explanations on these topics raised. Thanks so much for the other questions answered in the forum.

  1. T for not so anon, Z for anon
  2. Should be, I’ve sent 38 and 16 out, and 6 in
  3. Yes, as long as they send it to your T Zcash address, IF sending to “z” make sure they support it
  4. send 0.001
  5. That’s what they say, but then again I do believe a person from Zcash did say in a post/article somewhere there is always a way.
  6. you should do nothing with the wallet until sync’d
  7. No
  8. wait until sync’d, when 100% you’re good to go
  9. Any Crypto Exchange that buy’s/sells it, there are several - poloniex or Kraken for example

Thank you for the explanations.