Downloading blockchain time

hello Zeds

I have kicked off the daemon and it has taken 10 hours to reach a ‘height’ of 17k blocks. I believe the blockchain may be as much as 86k long from a number I came across on the web. By my calcs that’s another 40 hrs to go!
does this sound right?
anything to do with using a really old hard disk while each written block is transactionally waited for?

I’m curious… when you run a full node, does it keep a local copy of the entire blockchain? if so, what’s the path?

yes. ~/.zcash/blocks

the download took a couple of days in the end.
however when I did a totally unnecessary -reindex, even though the blockchain is still on disk, it took the best part of a day and cpu at 100% to get back to mining (all of 6.5 sols/s !)
so there is a huge chunk of time just processing the blockchain into its useable state.