Drivers problems

Claymore 11.1 advice to use drivers Nvidia drivers 15.12. The problem is when I want to install the drivers on my XFX 480 8GB on windows 10. I can’t install them, only drivers 16.10.3 and the newest.

See below. The software don’t suggest to install the display drivers and software.

You're using an RX480? That's an AMD card, not an Nvidia card.

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Claymore says:

Catalyst (Crimson) 15.12 is required for best performance and compatibility.
15.12 does not support some Fiji cards, use 16.3.2 for them.
For 4xx cards (Polaris) Crimson 16.12.2 is recommended.

your card is AMD RX480, so is a 4xx card



Crimson doesn't work with NVIDIA at all. Lol. It seems you have an RX 480. If you look at the instruction for the RX cards (Polaris) it said to use Crimson 16.12.2, also if its a Fury card (Fiji) Crimson 16.3.2, and most of the older cards use Crimson 15.12.

If you do have an NVIDIA card pm me and I'll help you out.

Thanks guys. Indeed I do have an AMD card:joy:
Problem is solved!

You're all great

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I totally missed this in Claymore's post. Thanks for pointing it out!