R9 Fury not detected in miner

I have a R9 Fury and HD 7970 in one of my rigs. The 7970 is detected as GPU1 and is perfectly fine mining about 290 sol/s but my R9 Fury which is GPU0 is detected but claymore miner just detects it as 4GB doesn’t say the card name. It’s ignored and it’s at 0 sol/s tried to disable/enable it using old/new drivers no luck. Help? Win 10

You may need to change the driver version - I use Crimson 15.12 on most of my fury’s, but some need even newer drivers to work and on those I use 16.3.2.

agree 16.3.2 will work

HOWEVER if you have the newest version 12.6 and the newest version of the AMD drivers, you can add -asm 0 and the fury’s should work

Using the latest drivers and added -asm 0 I’m getting about 320 sol/s
This is weird
Trying 16.3.2 now

You should be getting 450 sols on a Fury. I found it’s best not to mix older 7970 cards with modern Fury cards as different version drivers are better for different cards.

Fixed, using 16.3.2 works fine 460 sol/s

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