It seems both ETH and ZEC GPU/CPU mining can actually coexist with only a small reduction in hashing power.
Seems as though the 4XX series are cappable o running both miners. My 2XX rig crashed. However the 380’s would coexist with the ZEC

Miners: nheqminer_v0.3a, genoil-0.4.1, Claymore 8.0.7

  • nheqminer (CPU, R9 290): = 51.1 Sol/s
  • genoil-0.4.1 (2 RX 480x): = 41.23 Sol/s
  • Claymore (mining Eth on the 2 RX 480’s): =68.6 MH/s

CPU: i7 Hex-Core Processor
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Clocks: Stock

Stand Alone Mining Performance:

  • Claymore 91.2 MH/s (2 RX 480 + R9 290)
  • nheqminer 109.2 Sol/s

With Dual Miners for ETH & ZEC
Ethereum: 68.6 MH/s ZCash: 92.33 Sol/s.

So overall, I’ve increased profitability by allowing both scrypts to run on the same hardware.



EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool coinotron.com:3344 -ewal <worker.name> -esm 2 -epsw <password> -allpools 1 -ethi 1,1,1

genoil.exe -c zec.suprnova.cc:2142 -u <worker.name> -p <password> -g 1 2

nheqminer_suprnova.exe -u <worker.name> -p <password> -t 4 -od 0

Thank you Beers:

ETH: 0x903b125d70e2834e18cc4Aa5FE1c1F6fe8ab804F
ZEC: t1dHpxQAGhog93np9FnWNbfUywuatFZM38b
BTC: 1PF2EhVp6aB6itHPAmWNGydXjW5YjWtsRw


not working:rage:

please make sure before posting

What is your setup? Works only on my 4XX cards - they seem to handle dual miners operating.

I used two different ZCash miners as genoil that is optimized for AMD does not work with some of the older AMD cards. Otherwise I would have just done GPU on Genoil and CPU only on nheqminer. Ethereum is running on all 3 cards!

How and when lol…wouldnt it best if I run claymore for both?
I like ZEC cause I use 300 watts less per rig

It doesn’t work. Even if it was possible it needs to be coded properly. Running two of these miners will simply split the work across them.

ETH and ZEC will never dual. Needs to be something like SIA or DCR

However it is not splitting evenly though - in a two card set up it’s 70% as opposed to 50% of power. It just seems the 4XX’s and a furry can handle two different miners running simultaneously.

i have ran silent army and ethminer at the same time,it worked but splits the hash rate.

This is still working. Running ZEC I get 35% of hashing power and with eth my power has only reduced by 15%.


I tried it, It’s not working by any means. Check the results on the pool side, there far below what’s expected according to the hashrate shown. And overrall result is below solo mining.

I think someone like Claymore needs to give a hand here :slight_smile:

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He said its not possible since ZEC uses both GPU compute and memory.

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Thanks. Next question. Can zcash dual mine with anything else?

Like I said, its not possible because it uses both GPU and memory. ETH is the only algo that you can dual mine with others.

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Your cards will last about 3 months running at 93 degrees plus for starters.

Secondly, your H/s rates for Zec are woeful, you are getting zero benifit from doing this, as well as the constant errors on your first screenshot.

You understand that this is 8 months ago… things have changed now.

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The errors are purely due to a the watchdog. Only one watchdog can run per instance. FYI.