Dual graphics cards

I’m a newbie as you will soon find out and needed help…
I first started mining with a gtx 1050 and it started to become a hobby… Well, as you probably know my gtx 1050 does not make me money. I was thinking about saving up for a new card or a new rig and this is where the question came from. I have a B350m Mortar (msi) mATX motherboard and sli/crossfire isn’t supported but it has 2 pcie lanes which could hold a graphics card… I was wondering if it has to have sli and crossfire support to use two graphics cards to mine… this will save me money in the longrun if i dont need a new motherboard and cpu etc… so anyways long story short I wanted to know if I use two graphics cards on a motherboard with no crossfire and sli support, if I could mine with them… thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you guys

no need to have sli usually.

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