Gtx 1050ti and rx 570

I have this mbo is it possible to add gtx 1050ti and rx 570 and start mining with both cards? I read on this forum few posts about it but as i can see noone said how they did it (details).

Can someone help me understand how to do this? Maybe if you have some link it would be nice too.


Right now I have 2 1070’s and 2 RX 570’s running in one machine using Windows 10. So it is possible. How you get to that point depends on which OS you’re planning to use and how you set it up and install it.

What I did was install nVidia’s drivers while 1 1070 was in the main PCIe slot. I waited until it was fully installed. I installed the second 1070 and booted up the machine and waited until it was seen in the Device Manager and the drivers automatically installed.

I then put in the first RX 570 and installed AMD’s drivers. Once it was done, I put in the second RX 570 and booted up the machine. Once again I waited a few minutes and in the Device Manager the second RX 570 showed up and the drivers were automatically installed. You just simply run 1 miner for each kind. Personally I run dstm’s miner for the nVidia cards and Claymore for the AMD cards. Works well. :slight_smile:

Make sure you enable 4G in your BIOS for anything above 3 cards or it may not boot up.

Thats on win 10 64bit and 1 monitor?
Do you play games with that configuration also?

No. I have a separate machine for that. Although you could technically play games on it as well. You would just choose whichever GPU you want to do that with and tell the miners to use all the other GPU’s but the one you’ve chosen. You would need to figure out which GPU is which within each miner though. Usually GPU 0 is the main one.

Also for the record, I have 1 monitor plugged into the motherboard’s built-in GPU.