AMD and Nvidia on the same PC

Hi there,
currently I'm mining with RX 480 nitro edition and want to add a new GPU to my mining rig. I saw that Nvidia miner getting more profitable these days, and I can get 1050Ti at a reasonable price. Can I use this 1050Ti on the same rig with my rx 480? and is it as easy as installing driver and mining with 2 miners (lets say 1 Claymore and 1 Nicehash Miner for Nvidia) ?

@Aldora, most miners allow you to choose which devices to mine with.

So, AMD is in slot 0, and your Nvidia is in slot 1, just use the appropriate miners for the cards.

Does that make sense?

yeah, thats what I thought when I want to buy 1050ti. I just want to ask if anyone have ever tried something like this before :smiley:

I personally haven't, but I'm sure people have! Nvidia all the way for me :smile:

what card do you use to mine right now? :smiley:
is 1050Ti still profitable in your opinion?

Using the following on two PC's (saving money to build a rig as we speak)

EWBF's Miner 0.2.0
GTX 980
2 EVGA Superclocked GTX 980's
EVGA GTX 1080 Founders Edition

With the 4 cards in getting about 1.4kH/s

1070's are the most efficient at this point in time.

I wanna try Nvidia card, but I cant sell this RX 480 yet. Just wanna see which one will be better in the next month until AMD release their new line up :smiley:
here at my place, I can get used 960 at the same price as new 1050Ti, which one you would recommend the most?

i haven't done it yet, but you can run AMD and NVIDIA cards on the same system. just need to install proper drivers for each and run the miners as vanilla said above - specify which cards each miner uses.

I will buy 1050Ti, and I will try to run it on the same pc with AMD. Thanks for your reply

I used to switch between the 2 cards and had both drivers installed on the same windows so they dont conflict.. but i never ran them together as I only did it to test out my 980ti's with miners - otherwise the system ran 6 AMD cards.

though I will probably be running both on the same system within a couple of weeks as I think im getting 1 Nvidia card as a gift soon.

I have a rig with mismatched cards like this. Two RX 470's a GTX 970 and a GTX 960. The AMD cards use claymore, and the Nvidia ESWF (might be the wrong name but something like that) works fine.

@B_bozo its nice to hear that, my 1050Ti is on the way to my house today, hope it will work just fine after I installed everything

Hey There, today my 1050Ti just arrived and here is the screenshot of my mining rig right now. I can confirmthat 1050Ti and RX 480 can work at the same time on the same mining rig :slight_smile:


150 sols/s for probably like 60 watts for the card right? That's not bad. My RX 470's do 232 sol/s with about 80 watts.

What drivers? I am at this point with the nvidia card useless because if i plug the card the system crasheas after 2 minutes.

hey, i need help, my drivers are crashing, what can i do? :frowning:

What you can do is provide more information please... other than you have some type of nvidia card the my drivers are crashing really tells us nothing.

Tell it to us like no one here has any idea who you are, or what your mining rig looks like or how it is set up.

What card did you use and the driver?

I tried using 1050Ti, and latest driver possible. Using claymore, increase your virtual memory to more than 16GB. Im using win 10 anniv update btw.

Both cards are showing as GPU 0...... You need to show the headers of both as the miner discovers them.

Im actually using engineering drivers cause my cousin works for them, and the card is from my cousin...
but i used to run 980tis with 480s and it was fine, forget the driver but it was a normal driver. what problems u getting?