Earnings dropped significantly since yesterday (Aug 16, 2017)

I have two farms, 6@1080 and 6@1080Ti.
In total generates about 7700-7800sols/s.
Since yesterday earnings dropped significantly. On average I was making 0.17 Zec/day. But yesterday I earned a bit over 0.05 and today will more likely make even less.
I am calculating profitability now in all possible calculators, all of them imply Nanopool is showing a weird number.
Can you explain what happened?

Two rigs*

I’m having the same issue with nanopool, but I believe it’s due to the pools luck, blocks arn’t getting found, in the last 24 hours only 31 (https://zec.nanopool.org/blocks), usually with pools hashrate (pretty stable 18000Kh/s) the average is ~40(37-42), so having found only 31 in the last 24 hours is almost 25% less than usual. I’m not going to consider switching pools yet, but if bad luck sticks for more than 3 days I might consider changing pool or changing religious beliefs.

I am considering flypool for tomorrow if things don’t come around.