Efficiency readings on ewbf miner

I’m new in mining :slight_smile: start today.
I use single GPU 1080 with this settings for low w/sol ~ 127w/3.80 sol’s is cool or not ?

You owe a beer :stuck_out_tongue:

My efficiency fluctuates from 4.03 to 4.33

If you share your settings yes it is beer time! :wink: I am guessing 60% power?

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Where are you getting this UI from?

Im on 55 power… ill take a screenshot when I get home.

I just started mining like 2 days ago… exciting stuff.
I use this setting for when I’m sleeping to avoid too much noise.

It’s the api website provided by the miner.

It’s default on, if you launch it with custom command look in the help file on how to enable it.

I think you can underclock the memory to the minimum at your power lvl… I think it will have no impact on your performance. And perhaps save some power… not sure about the latter.

Here are my settings.

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