Problem With ZWalletTest (Android)

Hello, I installed ZWalletTest on my device, and get some test coins on it (about 0.422 test-ZEC) - I am trying to transfer a small amount (0.002) from the wallet to my zcashd wallet - but I am always getting the following error: bad-sapling-bundle-authorization - and no transaction happens. Could someone advice me - Why do I get this error, and how to overcome it? Also - are there any other Android Zcash wallets that support testnet?
Thank You!

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Zwallet test was last updated about a year and a half ago during v4.4.1 and so would not support Or hard or v5 tx format among other things.
Nighthawk may work. It appears to need compiled for testnet looks like the installation to the device is automatic. GitHub - nighthawk-apps/nighthawk-wallet-android: Private Money in your pocket.


For Nighthawk Wallet on Android, make sure to switch to branch ns/base and select ZcashTestnetDebug as the build variant for compiling.


Thank You very much @Autotunafish and @aiyadt !
I have successfully compiled Nighthawk for testnet - it’s synchronizing now.
Let’s see if the wallet will be able to transfer test-Zec as planned.


Well - Now I understand why this wallet is named “Nighthawk” :)) - it took a whole night to download and re-scan blockchain. However - I can receive and send TAZ now - as expected. Thank You!


Hi folks! ZingoLabs has a similar issue that we’re tracking here:

Since we think there’s a common cause at a lower layer we’ve opened an issue here:

Let’s gang up on this as a community!

We can rule out more possible causes by adding to this list of observations!

I think this deserves its own thread.


Per @hanh 's suggestion I created this thread:

You’re welcome. The Nighthawk is indeed a nocturnal bird, but that is really not the inspiration for the wallet name. :smile: