Errors Mining in VPS


Do I get this error because of Testnet phase or is there a problem?
I get a report like this when entering this:
./src/zcash-cli getmininginfo

blocks "2,197"
currentblocksize "1000"
generate "true"

Zeropond Cloud Mining
Zeropond Cloud Mining

I'm runniing zcashd and mining on VPS


why that error message the way?


What is the specification of VPS?
What do you think is this the better idea to mine through powerful VPS?


OpenVZ VPS Slice (Ubuntu 2 Slices)
Only have two slices wahat if you have many?



$12.00 per month not bad. $6 for each slice you add


It did not do good with MONERO


Is this VPS support for mining?
Are you mining Monero on that VPS?


Signed up with MONERO discount and tried MONERO with it but sucked


Can we only mine with Monero?
Is there any VPS where we can mine Dash, Eth etc...?


No rules of what you can mine. I am experimenting so do the same


Dash you need hardware ..ETH you need hardware so yoou need to use the server slice CPU Cores


ZEC might be good one


ZEC means Zcash......?


Mining software is pre-installed on that VPS?


Nope barebone server with dependencies and Ubuntu installed
With 8 Cores of CPU power

Remember to use MONERO for discount


Ok, so we need to configure mining software myself.
any link to download mining software and tutorial for configuration?


putty to the VPS and work on it direct.
follow instructions and remember to create config file