Eth to Zcash exhange for Ledger Nano S wallet

So I recently bought a Ledger Nano S and set up my Zcash wallet on there.

I am trying to exchange some of my Ether for Zcash.

What is the best way to do this?

The reason I specified my hardware wallet is that i found this snippet from the Ledger comms team:

“Ledger hardware wallets are not suited to receive Zcash coming from a Z-address. Our devices only support Zcash the way Bitcoin protocol works. Every feature specific to Zcash not included in the Bitcoin protocol is not yet supported.”

Please advise.

I didn’t know they had that issue… I’m pretty sure Trezor doesn’t have that issue.

I highly doubt any exchange is sending from a z-addr currently, so assuming you are converting from ETH to ZEC and then withdrawing the ZEC from the exchange there will not be an issue.

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Any suggestions on exchanges?

changelly works pretty simply.


As above Changelly or Shapeshift would be very simple. Else there are loads of other exchanges but you may have to go ETH->BTC->ZEC on some of them. See here for a pretty definitive list

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