Europol "says" it can track DASH and ZEC but not XMR - this is how crypto is sold to the gullible

As a side note. You can now simply google “Monero europol” for the list of crypto-rag-journos that will reprint whatever they get told without critical thinking (let alone fact checking).

I mean “Europol guy told us they can’t trace us”, seriously :joy:?

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Of course, they can track «t» transactions :joy: just a matter of POV

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I think it was “Interpol guy” actually and was addressing a law enforcement audience through Blockchain Alliance, the link to the recording of said address is no longer available (didn’t really enlighten us with any new info really)

I know the interpol guy is tracking transparent adresess Which would mean we have some more of those Peter McCormic wannabes tryibng to slow us down. Imagine being this desperate and projecting it as a sign of strength . They are scared. And I will exploit this.

I think so too. And I also think it is pretty idiotic of Monero marketers to assume that an Interpol guy would be disclosing their real capabilities. Like I said in the tweet, looks like they will believe him that if you Xero money while dialling 999 it will come out untraceable too.

Or perhaps that undercover cops need to tell you if you ask “Are you a police officer?” :laughing:

Like I said the information discussed in that conference call was not intended to become public and was for the law enforcement Community, why they would lie to each other about what blockchain criminals can do idk shrug
If it were meant to be public the video would still be up obviously

Umm no. The europol guy was the only law-enforcement speaker. And the conference was about blockchain, not law enforcement. Do you expect a conference where confidential law enforcement are discussed to be organised by “Blockchain Alliance” and pawned off for a fee on the Internet (source).

Do you have the link? I didn’t record it unfortunately
I’ll re listen to it and then re-evaluate our discussion here ( you could be right but it’s not quite how I remember it)

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Not free one, sorry, but try the linked webinar site.

Requires an agency/employer-issued email address (this is that same agency issued ID the guy who shills the police only blockchain analysis tool at the end of his turn requires you have to play it) it actually is free it just requires that agency email address

I’m not trying to pull your leg, I actually listened to the whole thing, I actually shared it here on the forum after I finished it

Oh, I believe you. I’m just expecting that in real life, a guy who took down multiple BTC mixers and darknet sites will know the difference between checking someone’s account balance and tracking transactions.

The fact that he pretended not to and linked to Monero “balance check” here is a huge red flag.

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Yeah there were a couple of discrepancies but I would assume the main gist of the presentation was intended to be accurate

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Out of curiosity, what makes you assume that?

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Santa can tell if you’ve naughty or nice too. :shushing_face:


The traffic between your ISP and your VPN as well as TOR should be peer to peer encrypted so no your government cant tell youve made a zcash transaction. Yes tor can be deanomized but I dont think your traffic can be decrypted even if it is intercepted by a malicious tor node. I am not sure about the VPN but I am sure that your ISP cant sniff your traffic at the network exit node and detect ZEC node traffic. Some VPNs dont keep logs so Im guessing you would be fine.

But I think you are greatly over-estimating the competency of governments.

Yeah, choosing the right VPN service is the key for secured connections and secured transactions.