Professional advice is needed

Should I buy the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FOUNDERS EDITIONand start the mine. Perhaps I will buy 2 such videocards. Tell me what to do. And what are the incomes

try: or and do the math... Electricity cost, cost of gpus and estimated ROI. keep in mind that diff is rising double per month.....


How to calculate GTX 1080 TI via ?

sry here u are: -Read it all way `cause useful infos
or just


I'm trying to buy 1080 Ti, but there is a lot of available brands MSI, Gigabyte, Founders Edition,...

which one do you recommend?

Thats difficult one :smiley:
Compare mem they are using, how much power etc..... Usually ppl use MSI and Gigabyte....
If its u r first rig try to get maybe cheaper card to see if u like it for a start (my first rig had R7 then moved on RX470 etc)...
And golden rule "Dont invest more than you can afford to lose"!


High end cards always i can sell. finally two I want to leave for my self for my gaming PC (at the mo have GTX 970 G1)
So if something will happen, I will take two GPU and put them in SLI, rest sell them on ebay,

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if you would also like to mine eth with it, you might want to check out 1070 too. more value for the money than a 1080 ti because of the memory type.

I was thinking more about zcash, If i will go with GTX. If ETH i think best way is just AMD RX.

At the moment I want to focus on GTX and z cash.

with the 1070 you can do both zcash and eth well, and choose whatever delivers most. amd rx is a good choice for eth indeed, but since they are all out of stock, 1070 is a good alternative.
anyway, it all depends of course also on everybody's personal needs. if you're gonig to game with them, then i can imagine that you would prefer 1080 ti's.

In principle the 1070 is a great option, but due to supply issues increasing prices, the 1080Ti is a more appealing card imo (as far as I'm aware the 1080Ti's haven't had price increases yet, closing the gap between the initial cost for the 1070 and 1080Ti). I plan on running 2 1070's along with 6 1080Ti's in a 8 GPU build (I bought the 1070's before the price increase on them...). The power requirement actually works nicely with 2 1070's, I'll be running 3x 1000W supplies with the following configuration.

2 PSU's will run the following each:
2x GTX 1080Ti
1x GTX 1070

The other PSU will run the motherboard/CPU/fans etc and 2x GTX 1080Ti's. I wouldn't expect the sata risers to use that much power, so I plan on powering all the sata risers with this power supply also (unless anyone can advise against doing that, I really have no idea how much power the sata risers will draw.

Why use a FE card? Isn't it only like $20 to get a better cooling system on the revised cards? IE EVGA 1080 ti SC2? The Hybrid cards are also looking like a good option.