Professional advice is needed

Should I buy the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FOUNDERS EDITIONand start the mine. Perhaps I will buy 2 such videocards. Tell me what to do. And what are the incomes

try: or Mining Calculator Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero and do the math… Electricity cost, cost of gpus and estimated ROI. keep in mind that diff is rising double per month…


How to calculate GTX 1080 TI via ?

sry here u are: 1080 Ti mining OC and power? -Read it all way `cause useful infos
or just


I’m trying to buy 1080 Ti, but there is a lot of available brands MSI, Gigabyte, Founders Edition,…

which one do you recommend?

Thats difficult one :smiley:
Compare mem they are using, how much power etc… Usually ppl use MSI and Gigabyte…
If its u r first rig try to get maybe cheaper card to see if u like it for a start (my first rig had R7 then moved on RX470 etc)…
And golden rule “Dont invest more than you can afford to lose”!


High end cards always i can sell. finally two I want to leave for my self for my gaming PC (at the mo have GTX 970 G1)
So if something will happen, I will take two GPU and put them in SLI, rest sell them on ebay,

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if you would also like to mine eth with it, you might want to check out 1070 too. more value for the money than a 1080 ti because of the memory type.

I was thinking more about zcash, If i will go with GTX. If ETH i think best way is just AMD RX.

At the moment I want to focus on GTX and z cash.

with the 1070 you can do both zcash and eth well, and choose whatever delivers most. amd rx is a good choice for eth indeed, but since they are all out of stock, 1070 is a good alternative.
anyway, it all depends of course also on everybody’s personal needs. if you’re gonig to game with them, then i can imagine that you would prefer 1080 ti’s.

In principle the 1070 is a great option, but due to supply issues increasing prices, the 1080Ti is a more appealing card imo (as far as I’m aware the 1080Ti’s haven’t had price increases yet, closing the gap between the initial cost for the 1070 and 1080Ti). I plan on running 2 1070’s along with 6 1080Ti’s in a 8 GPU build (I bought the 1070’s before the price increase on them…). The power requirement actually works nicely with 2 1070’s, I’ll be running 3x 1000W supplies with the following configuration.

2 PSU’s will run the following each:
2x GTX 1080Ti
1x GTX 1070

The other PSU will run the motherboard/CPU/fans etc and 2x GTX 1080Ti’s. I wouldn’t expect the sata risers to use that much power, so I plan on powering all the sata risers with this power supply also (unless anyone can advise against doing that, I really have no idea how much power the sata risers will draw.

Why use a FE card? Isn’t it only like $20 to get a better cooling system on the revised cards? IE EVGA 1080 ti SC2? The Hybrid cards are also looking like a good option.