I was sold a mining rig for $2,500. Did I get fecked?

I need some advice from you OGs. I am a complete newbie at mining. I was sold a mining rig with 2 GPUs: Asus Nvidia GTX 1070 TI

I paid 2,500$ for this rig:
1070ti asus turbo 2x950 = 1900 ddr3 zap 4 gb = 42 hdd 320 gb = 16 cooler - 3 pWB gigabyte GOLD edit 1600 watt - 255 Riser 2x12 = 24 Frame - 10 Intel Celeron CPU 3900 = 35
Motherboard Asus z 170 = 170$
Service fee = $50

total: $2,505

Combined they do 1,000 Sol/s. And make me 0.01 ZEC in 24 hours. Like 4 dollars a day - is this normal ?

I think you might have paid 800$ extra on the GPUs

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Yes, they fleeced you pretty good. You can build your own system with 6 x 1060 3gb cards for ~2300 even with today’s insane GPU prices. I have several of them, and they do about 1600 sol/s.

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When you buy a car, do you ask for advice or go to KBB after you buy it or before?

Hard life lesson to learn.


That is pretty expensive. Component pieces are ok prices. GPU prices are insane. But those prices are not unheard of right now in the market. The msrp for those cards is 550 I think. They have been going for 800+ on most sites. So anyone paying over 700 per card is being ripped off. At current prices it will take 2 years of mining to pay off that rig. Best think is keep mining, then add some more cards when nvidia releases the next gen in few months. That board and psu should easily support 4 more 1070ti. Which you could by used in the summer.


It all depends on the price of Zcash when you sell your Zcash
If you go by fair market values to determine roi, with incremental difficulty increases, yes its gonna be a while
But if your betting on Zcash’s potential, then who knows, maybe its already paid for itself


Thank you OGs. I appreciate your time and feedback

I’m only paying low $800’s or less for 1080 Ti’s so you really overpaid on the cards. Everything else is fairly in line.

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exactly, please share information! (Massdrop?)


Create a business and contact Nvidia distributors.

All 10 of my 1080Ti’s where purchased off Amazon this month. The latest was the EVGA 180Ti FTW3 for $819.

That’s a better price. But with a current ROI of 11 months to pay off a 800 1080ti card, I think is too long. Maybe that is standard these days. I used to think a roi of 6 months was a long time for a card.

The price could bounce around over the next 24 months; the projected returns from mining are usually very wrong.

Who sold it to you? Ben Dover?

I bought it from a guy who held a mining seminar here in a country called Uzbekistan. Electricity cost here is 3 cents per Kwatt - dirt cheap

Hy guys in france the cost is lower 720€ for 1 gpu but it’s strange your rigs maked only 0.01 zec for 1000/s! my rigs with 2 gtx 1060 maked 600 sol/s for 0.008 approximately zec… your setup is good?:thinking:

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Something must be off with my system. Would you be willing to share you setup please ?

Currently I’m using Hiveos.farm (linux) and using flypool.