EWBF always crashes, but Excavator works fine, why?


Try underclocking slightly before moving to Windows 10. No point in reinstalling the OS if you don’t need to.


ok, i will try this but I hope this won’t reduce my SOL/S too much…


After trying almost every possible fix and workaround, EWBF is still very unstable with me, Now it has been 4 days using Excavator without a single crash and I got almost same average sol/s…


a quick test…
Does EWBF work fine if you lower your core speed a bit?


No. Always not stable even when under clocking


I see the thread is pretty old but anyways for people like me who see it later on might be helpful.
I had same issues with other miners and other algorithms. Tried to under clock the powerlimit so that the energy spikes don’t exceed the psu limitations. This cleared the freezes for me
In other cases When I did some hardware changes i got freezes 1 or 2 times in a raw. I disconnected the psu for few minutes, reconnected it and freezes stopped. But this method might be irrelevant.


How much you have Virtual Memory allocated? Not sure but it could be lack of memoory.


Reading through this post that was the thought I had but more ram than just memory, iirc windows 7 used to be a LOT happier with 8gb system ram than 4, personally I would look to see if another stick of 4gb or maybe another 2x 2gb are very cheap and if so add the extra ram and see how ewbf runs then.

I also noticed a while back that ewbf hasn’t been updated in a while, last version currently is 0.3.4b (nvidia cuda version)