EWBF Miner crashing with no error and without warning

Hey everyone, I’m having an issue where my EWBF CUDA Zcash miner is closing almost as soon as i open it. I’ve been using this miner for a long time now with absolutely no problems until now. As it’s now summer (and rain season) here now i have been powering my rig off and on multiple times in case of lightning strikes. After turning on the rig this latest time, the miner began doing this thing where it seems to turn on and start but then just disappear with no error message or warning.
I’m trying to get this imgur thing to work but here’s the link to the image, apologies for the inconvenience I’m posting from my phone. This is as far as the miner gets before it closes, it sits there for around 5 seconds and then closes. Screenshot_2017-12-31-11-41-04|690x388

In the batch file, add “pause” in a separate line below the rest of the config. This will keep the window up after it crashes, maybe an error code?