EWBF Miner Disconnecting from server randomly

For some reason my EWBF miner on either V 0.3.3b and 0.3.4b randomly disconnects from the nano pool servers and doesn’t attempt to reconnect unless I hit enter or right click on the miners command window. I have a consistent ping running (to google.com at first and then to my nano pool mining address) to see if the network connection is dropping via IP address and via DNS and they are both good (sub 40ms ping times and no errors). The miner log just says ERROR: Lost connection with the server. Has anyone else experienced this?

Does it happen while your miner cmd screen is minimized or while it’s not minimized?

It happens with either the screen up or minimized.

It seems that sometimes when I get the disconnect error it has the word TEMP: in front of it in red. But all of my GPU temps are between 45C - 50C with no overclocking/under volting - totally stock. I confirmed this with GPU Z as well.

Ended up finding out from another poster that this issue is caused by clicking into the mining window after starting it which causes a delayed pause of the miner any where from 20mins to several hours later.

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thanks I’ll check and deliver feedback. Do you also have to run the ewbfs miner as administrator?

I also have this issue, found it because my static IP conflicted with another device. End up with setting near limit IP given by router and working stable

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Not sure…I always run everything as administrator in Windows since security is kind of crap to begin with lol