Nanopool miner keeps going offline?

Seems like every couple of hours my worker will go offline. Has anyone else run into this problem? I’m using both the standard start .bat as well as the 2 GPU.

Nano pool submits shares quite slowy, this happens to my CPU miners there all the time not sure whats up

Ah so really when it says off line it truly isn’t?

idk man i think diff on nano is too high for cpus so when they submit low value shares for so long and are ignored it seems offline try fylpool

Right. I’m averaging 19 Sol/s on 41 desktops and their average is exactly correct as far as I can tell. Stick with them.

Yesterday nanopool was having issues reporting statistics so it looked like miners were offline…however once they fixed it I could see that my miners were fine the whole time.

However this morning I am noticing one of my miners dropped about 19sol/s at the pool but not at the miner…not sure what the issue is.

The expected variation in your solve rate every 6 hours measured from your accepted shares is ~1/SQRT(11 x Sol/s).

i’m getting 1 notice per hour on 41 desktops at about 18 Sol/s, which tells me they are sending a notice if a share was not found in the past 5 minutes. This could occur twice a day if you’re at 20 Sol/s. Maybe they should go to 10 minutes, especially if people start singing up a bunch of laptops that are doing only 15 Sol/s.