Ewbf miner problem

hi, i have a problem and hope you can help me.

Yesterday i started using ewbf zcash miner and set up on my 2 Rigs:

Rig1: 6x1080ti
Rig2: 6x1070gtx

I configured them around 12 hours ago and they have been mining all the time. Now i went on https://zec.nanopool.org and checked my stats. Here comes the problem! I can see only Rig2 is online and Rig can not see Rig 1.

in the config file and i wrote like this

Rig1: t1SbF2kwe9GwW87bTNqKeLtpBJe96iMZA9V.Rig1
Rig2: t1SbF2kwe9GwW87bTNqKeLtpBJe96iMZA9V.Rig2

Why i cant see my Rig1 online when i check my stats here for my wallet https://zec.nanopool.org/account/t1SbF2kwe9GwW87bTNqKeLtpBJe96iMZA9V . Isnt it possible to mine couple Rigs on same adress? Or did i mess something up with the config file?


Shows just fine for me.