Not getting anything from mining this night

Wallet: t1gE3PWpVntcghYiEaTC7ePgwi4b1uDVgiH
I mined the whole night and when i woke up i saw that nothing had changed but i also saw that the miner was active and the site said that i have been mining but not getting anything

Need more info,
miner being used?
bat file information

The Zcash Mining Pool
EWBF Or something and i mined yesterday and got but tonight not?

ewbf or something… ok how about you identify what miner your actually using, and what version you are running. then go to the bat file and paste your setting for us to look at.

EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner is the miner and i use the 0.34 version. bout that bat file? I think this is the one?

Common parameters

All the parameters here are similar to the command line arguments

cuda_devices 0 1 2 3 4 5
intensity 64 64 64 64 64 64
templimit 80
pec 0
boff 0
eexit 0
tempunits c
log 0
logfile miner.log

The miner start work from this server

When the server is fail, the miner will try to reconnect 3 times

After three unsuccessful attempts, the miner will switch to the next server

You can add up to 8 servers

main server

port 3333
user t1gE3PWpVntcghYiEaTC7ePgwi4b1uDVgiH
pass x

additional server 1

port 6666
user t1gE3PWpVntcghYiEaTC7ePgwi4b1uDVgiH
pass x

#additional server 2
server zec-us1.nanopool dot org
port 6666
user t1gE3PWpVntcghYiEaTC7ePgwi4b1uDVgiH
pass x

@captaindiptoad you didn’t ask the important question. What type of GPU and how many…

@Riisern your total H/s is on average 350 H/s

Flypool pay’s out at 0.01 and you are at 0.00445 confirmed. You are getting something but not enough to trigger a payout. Patients

BTW your config file is setup for 6 gpu’s do you have that many?

Also you are using two different pool’s, which could be separating your mining confirmed shares


I fixed the pool and i only have 1 GPU (1080 Gaming X) How can i fix it. (The Pools i changed to everyone from the same page and i fixed the port) what else to fix. My problem was that i mined the whole night but it didnt get recognised, but same, can u just help me fix the 6 gpu thing

And what should the intensisty stay on? And to have only 1 GPU i just remove all the intensity and the devices except device 0 and intensity nr1 right?

miner --server --port 3333 --user t1gE3PWpVntcghYiEaTC7ePgwi4b1uDVgiH.hashelp --pass x --eexit 3 --tempunits c --templimit 76 --log --logfile miner --api

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Mined zec great for one day… EWBF miner still shows accepting shares, but nothing is showing up on ZEC.suprnova.

Not sure if I’m explaining this right or not.

But we have confirmed transactions, then all of a sudden it has stopped. My miner console shows accepted shares, good sol/s, etc. Says it’s finding new work. But when I’m not getting any transactions, unconfirmed or confirmed, with the pool.


Your shares are only paid when during that time the pool you are on finds a block.

what is your H/s ?
What is your unconfirmed and confirmed balance?

I think I’m finding out that quiet often… zec.suprnova just doesn’t find blocks for many, many hours, and that’s why I’m not seeing an increase in transactions/payments, etc. Quite unfortunate. Many blocks have been found, just not by this pool.

My Avg Sol/s on our rig (according to SMOS) is 2654 sol/s, Hashrate on suprnova shows 1623 sol/s and has been up to 5600 sol/s. Up and down, constantly… which I’ve just assumed was normal.

I was thinking something was wrong with my rig… so I rebooted… prior to the reboot, I had over 3k accepted shares, and now I’m showing 130+ accepted shares (on the SMOS console).

Confirmed balance has been sitting at .0435 since early this am, and 0.0 unconfirmed.

Last pool confirmed block was 250923… the network is pretty far ahead of that now.