EWBF miner won't work after overclocking GPU

I have just set up 2 x 1080ti for mining and they are running fine until when I try to adjust memclock and core clock setting in afterburner. I am using flypool and the miner will not work anymore after I made the changes. If I reset everything then it’s working again.

Please help :frowning:

What type of card? Manufacturer. Model.

What did you set the core and mem settings to when you overclocked?
My suggestion, drop the settings incrementally and test until stable.

I got the corsair hydro 1080ti and I was setting core to around 2000 and mem to 6000.

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try to play around with core clock only, find a stable one and then try to mess with memory clock to see if it gives you some more sol/s

Thanks for the advice and yes it works when I do minimal adjustment each time. I guess I just need to spend time to optimize the cards.

What is your power usage? Did you decreased power usage and how much?

I just set it to 95% limit and is there anywhere to check the power usage on each GPU?

Yes. When you edit .bat file of ebwf miner, at the end of the row type --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3 4 5 --pec. Then you’ll have power consumption stat on your miner for every gpu…

Here’s an example: miner.exe --server mining.miningspeed.com --user xchsj54yh7834yfudhfuihgfuirtre78yfg.A01 --pass x --port 3092 --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3 4 5 --pec

cuda_devices 0 1 2 3 4 5 is number of gpu’s you have. Be aware that 0 is first gpu, so in this case you have rig with 6 gpu’s.

Basically, all my gpus works fine with optimal efficiency sol/wat on Afterburner settings:

Screenshot (87)

Thanks a lot for the info and I am using around 250w per card with about 3.12 sol/w. Is it good?

Yes, it is good.:muscle: