EWBF's NVidia CUDA Zcash miner 1060 - 170 h/s gtx 1070 - 250 h/s


What you write is REALLY interesting to me due to the following reasons:

  1. I have never had an issue with a 1060 card (that is the only 10XX card I have used for mining until now).
  2. I have isolated and the error 4 with EWBF ZCash miner was resolved as soon as I disconnected the only 970 card that I have. So my logic was THE OPPOSITE: I should get rid of the 970 to get only 10XX cards.
  3. I have never been able to mine more than 7MH/s ETH with the 970… what miner and pool are you using? I love that the 970 gives me 300 Sol when overclocked (I am using a EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX2 card).
  4. Where are you getting the 970 at $120??? I agree with you, at that price, a Rig should be done with just 970!

In case someone is still reading… I have been able to isolate the error 4 with EWBF ZCash miner in the 970 using a riser version 5. I just bought and I am waiting for the new ones version 7 to see if that is the problem. Also, my PSU (Power Supply Unit) is heating a lot… could it be that at a peak, the PSU simply runs out of power? So, I also bought a second PSU and I am going to daisychain them.

Finally, I bougth the new ASrock H110 btc Pro+ Motherboard… I just LOVED the idea that a company would realease a MB (Motherboard) designed for mining! In case someone has not seen it:

Will post in 10 days that I receive the new risers, PSU and MB, how all is working!

Hi meem

Sorry OT :wink:

My 1060 3GB is only stable at ETH below 18MH. But then I could at least lower Power usage to 75watt. Since this card is Isolated mining ETH -> no Problems. Claymore just restarts itself.

Nvidia Inspector shows Power usage and lets you overclock the 970 VRAM. There it also shows wattage.

This guy gets over 22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kb_e6RPSq3w

It was mining Musicoin with Nvidia Inspector adjustements (VRAM 3800) at over 21 MH/s (970 EVGA) 1060 was still around 18 MH/s possible. So it seems like 970’s are great for New Etherium Coins.
At ETH (ethermine pool) I get around 15 so it seems not worth it there yet. Maybe with the old drivers the guy in the Video Link explains.

To overclock VRAM. Start Nvidia Inspector and Afterburner. Before starting the miner-> set Memclock at Afterburner to +700. Then at Inspector -> Show overklocking -> OK -> choose card -> set P2 State -> Klick Unlock Max -> Set Mem Clock to start at 3700 -> start miner -> try to MEM overclock more -> eventually adjust Core Clock and Power to find a sweet spot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5SpLUjExrY

The ASUS STRIX card I got here (Switzerland) recently has Hynix but it can also be overclocked to 3800 like the Samsung EVGA, but…!!! does not get the same Hashrates which seems kind of odd to me. All settings were the same but still lower output. The only difference I recognised was shown also in the Nvidia Inspector. MCU usage is lower and I at least could use lesser watts. why?

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I would love to run mine at 65 tdp but they crash below 95 :confused:
I checked it on what to mine where they say that 3 1080 should give me 1650 sols on 65% +150 gpu/ +500 vram…but I’m miles away from achieving that nice config… I am using win 10 and msi afterburner.

I do care about nature and saving resources even though I pay low cost electricity but I’ve got no idea how to tune those gtx’s

@project I got it right, but like I said here on this reply I’d like to make use of efficiency and don’t want to burn up my cards
I got them in a basement (I will install a exhaust soon) and it’s about to be summer soon so saving some degrees(and ac power) would be pretty awesome
I am still experimenting and learning as my vcards stop working some times.

so you have 3 gtx1080!?

Yeah that’s right @Uche32
I had enough money just for those cards and the rest of the system
There’s not much availability on hardware where I live and there was almost no difference in the price between a 1070 and a 1080 so…I went for the 80’s

@jpl Hey! I’ve been dealing with that same annoying error for over a week!
I will try your fix, some guys here told me to check the quality of the usb’s as the ones that come with the risers are not of the best…pretty much quite the contrary, they say

Guys sorry for little offtop. Just remembering if you have difficulties with your mining stability or you need Telegram notifications, please try this script:

Please read instruction carefully. Do not forget to leave like and feedback. If you need help i’m always here to support.

Just cleaned the dust in the graphic cards. After started the system, and there is one pci-e slot with some parameters gray shown in GPU-Z. EWBF also shows some error message ’ cannot initiate NVML. the temperature monitor will not work’. I reinstalled drivers for several times but still got the same message.

Finally solved this issue by reinstalling OS. Funny, don’t know why yet.

can anyone help me with this?

U can reduce overclock then sudo reboot :slight_smile:

my clock only is 50 300 110. where do i input sudo?

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You’re using linux right? Because that’s the command you use when you want to restart the system from console.

1060 has 18 mh/s because of Hynix memory. Try to return and find your luck with other 1060’s.
If you are lucky, you can have 1060 with Samsung/Micron and have up to 24 mh/s.
Also the heat is different, seems for me that gpu with Hynix memory is reaching 63 celsius pretty fast.

Hi Guys, I finally found time to do MANY testings… I actually bought new MB, PSU, MEM, HDD, CPU, Risers and one EVGA GTX 1060 3GB… having all spare it was easy to testing… and I found the following:

  1. The risers that I used (marked with Ver 6.0, with the Power Entry being a MOLEX connector) failed a lot. This was the number 1 reason why I got “Error 4” mainly. The new risers (marked with Ver 7.0, with the Power Entry being PCIe 6 pin connector) worked just fine (with GTX 1060, see next bullet).
  2. The EVGA GTX 970 that I was using along with GTX 1060 cards fails every X days when using a riser… maybe the Ver of the Riser makes a difference, but I have not found any information about this. So, I have kept only one GTX 970 for my Alienware waiting on the Final Fantasy 15 for Windows release… it has probably paid itself 5x mining alone.
  3. I got a new PSU and one of this “magic” connectors to jump two PSUs together to increase Watts… however, my GPUs do not consume more than the PSU can provide… my theory was that I might not be having enough “juice” to feed all the GPUs but I do (for now until I buy more and more he he).
  4. I got the new ASRock H110 BTC+ MB, and this Motherboard works perfectly fine with a new Celeron Gen7 and 8 GB RAM (I was suprised that the Celeron 3930 still uses 2133 MHz speed for the Memory… I thought all Gen7 used now 2300). I have “only” four GTX 1060 cards in it (it allows 13 GPUs combining NVidia and AMD due to driver limitations of maxiumum GPUs in one Motherboard) and NO failures at all.

So, 3 weeks mining without stopping one second, and now that ZCash again went to US$300 I am so happy. My last wishes are that ZCash goes to $10,000 before Bitcoin does and that I had lower energy rate (or free solar / wind panels!).

Good excuse the ignorance but how do you have the consumption in EWBF.

I had some stability issues. The windows 7 froze after a few hours.
It seems to be (the settings for) the 1060 3GB Hynix Zotac were too efficient overclockings. 290 Sol/s @ 3.35 Sol/w seems OK now with DSTM. It took me a while to find out…

My new Palit Micron 1070 does now 495 @ 4.05. Not a very big difference to 1070 Ti it seems. But allmost double the efficiency compared to the 900’s @ ~2.3 Sol/w

btw: there is a new 0.3.4c BTG (?) version. Anyone tried yet this version yet? It says there might be a virus included.

why BTG version? I mined BTG with same miners as ZCASH.

I’m seeing the same issue. I’ve been running 1070’s at 450 sols for a while, I got some 1080s thinking my sol rate would shoot right up, but it’s only 500 to 520.

The 1080 Ti’s are where you’ll see a higher Sol rate. The regular 1080’s are not worth bothering with. 1080 Ti’s do around 720 Sol/s.

However, a big factor is the power consumption. To achieve 720 Sol you need 230-250W while to achieve 520 Sol you use 160W. If power is not a factor, the 1060 is actually the best return ($200 for 300 Sol) but if you factor the Motherboard and Rig components and the Power Comsumption, I think 1080 is a good option.

What are you smoking?

70%tdp (200w) gives me 715