EWBF's NVidia CUDA Zcash miner 1060 - 170 h/s gtx 1070 - 250 h/s

What are you smoking?

70%tdp (200w) gives me 715

Pls put more feature when miner still run but some thing is wrong cause hashrate = 0, we need restart miner!

my rig is fastest create new work :slight_smile: with GTX 1060 3GB AMP Edition!

try to use newer version of this miner

very nice

here is mine (1060-6GB)


did you do overclocking?

Getting this error:

./miner: error while loading shared libraries: libnvidia-ml.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

./miner --server zec.suprnova.cc --user x.x --pass x --port 142 --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3

my card is GPU #0: GeForce 840M.

Please help!

I am on linux… pls help

try this turnkey linux os miner solution https://ba.net/zcash-eth-miner-os/

pretty low sols/w and high temps imo…

Hello guys!
Want to remind to all of you, that if somebody has any problems with stability of EWBF, DSTM, BMINER, CLAYMORE, CC miners or needs some extra control over your rigs please read carefully my message below.

I want to introduce you a script, which can solve most of your problems. It is a result of half a year hard work with my beta testers. Now it is clean of any bugs and ready to be introduced for the wide mining community.

  1. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2071108.0
  2. [CMD] Miner Autorun (Watchdog) for Ewbf & Claymore & Dstm & CCminer & Bminer

It will definetely reduce your valuable time spent near your rigs, because this script will do all the work for you. Just start it and forget about your rigs, relax or do anything else. In case of any problem this script will restart your miner, or the rig, if necessary. It will notify you by Telegramm message about all problems and corrective actions taken. It is open source code (CMD/BAT, not an .exe or something like this), so anyone can check throug the code if needed.
Enjoy your life, let the script to monitor your rigs for you…

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stop spamming the forums with the same cut and paste

Just notify in 3 threads (Clay, Ewbf, Dstm) about my product? Why you so angry? Here was my posts before, I’m deleted old and renew them.

why not just create a thread that is yours, for your product, instead of posting your product on others threads?

You seem to have an established product, so it’s time isn’t it?

Thread exist. And here I posted link to it. Many peoples asking for help because of problems with mining stability. I’m answering…

then just update your thread?? it’ll show up… when I sign in and read updates posts the first three I click on was your copy and paste…

btw I don’t use your product and I have over 50+ gpu’s and no stability issues at all. The only time I reboot is when I do it for maintenance reasons every few weeks. For the just in case error I setup, in task scheduler,if a gpu fails/errors it creates an event log which then pops a reboot file, done!

If people actually took the time to read the forums and learned how to set it up correctly then your incredible 3rd party application would not be needed. it’s a great program but IMO it’s a bandaid for those that want the shortcut now now now

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Yes, I think it has something to do with Overclocking. (6x 1070 asus OC Edition) Settings 80 | 100 | 600. Anything above 100 and 600 I start to get code 46.

I’m sorry @Undertrey he knows it better then us all. he has no hobbies and I’m pretty sure as soon he will be rich we won’t here from him again…OMEGALOL

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My Palit GTX1070 "Jetstream"s downvolted to 975mV + overclocked to 2025 on core/ 4404 on memory (samsung) show 492~506 Sol/s on EWBF/dstm. Efficiency is about 3.25 Sols/Watt. Never use PL 'cause of unstable clocks and unnecessary high voltage. Downvolting works better for energy saving, stable voltage works better for hardware lifespan. Temperature is above 60 degrees in Celsium (mostly 52-56) while +19~+22 in room.

Sorry for poor English (it’s not my native language))

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May I know how the GPUs were numbered accordingly in EWBF?