Exact command for transfer from t addr to z addr is?


can anyone here write me the exakt command for transfer?

I try with command line and with swing wallet.

But I get always mistake message.

Thank you

This can be done with the command z_sendmany like:

./zcash-cli z_sendmany tmNSgskaY4qLQ2KcGdYgmsM3aRqp29ViGi3 [{"address":"ztgCmBjYe3kBajcUaQcM4xDQUNqa9T4AF6asKcBUANfqfjZ7bNkXNkUbnSYaKZTEU2aRoP1egPYZgPyLzv2Sgtdktf5Yra6","amount":0.0005}]

If you use the Swing GUI wallet you can copy an address with double click/select/Ctrl-C. This will be improved in the future …

Thank you. I check it next days.


sorry I get always bad message.

Error parsing Son.

What can I do?


Does the GUI wallet produce an error of type “Error parsing JSON”? If so, please show the log and a screen shot…