Trying to send my few mined % to an exchange

So it says i have 1.345 zec in my wallet as confirmed, i know my t address and z address and at the exchange it is a t addy.
What is the command i can use to send the zec from my wallet to the exchange?
i would send a test run to make sure of course, since i dont have much to lose
Thanks a mil, y ou guys got me mining my old game pc and i made a few satoshis and learned a lot, but this last step is the final straw as they say, need to complete the process, Pleae any good help is appreciated, i am having no luckā€¦

zcash-cli sendmany "FromAddress" "[{\"amount\": 0.8, \"address\": \"ToAddress\"}]"
should work. if you enter zcash-cli sendmany there are more params you can use.

Just use the Zcash GUI wallet:
(follow the instructions to install)

Or start mining to a Jaxx wallet:

how do i start mining to a jaxx wallet. How do i change the addy from my wallet to make it go to a jaxx wallet? The swing wallet wont let me end either.
i would love to continue the node, but this is too simple to screw up. What is the process to send from a wallet? Do i first need to send from a t addy to a z addy, then i can release from the wallet? seems like i saw that somewhere?
Also i just found thi