Existing ZEC balance but can't send - 0 zats

Hello! Any thoughts on why it’s saying that I have 0 zats to be able to send to another ZEC wallet, when I’ve had a balance for several weeks?

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Try performing a -rescan and see if that fixes it.

I did try that and had the same issue - Also, uninstalled the wallet and deleted all the files under the User\Roaming\ directory and then restored wallet from seed. After it synced, and I tried sending to another address, I got the same insufficient zats pop-up.

What is the total balance you are trying to send?

It looks like you are trying to send:


Is that the entire amount in the wallet? If so then the max you can send is:


Because you have to subtract the transaction fee from the amount you want to send.


Doh! That was it - thank you, Shawn!