Expected dificulty increase due to Asics Z X9

I am new to mining and just made the move to purchase a Z9 from bitmain. I realise is a huge risk, probably more than i had anticipated when purchasing. I have only just come across this forum and

Sorry cant even see how to edit post. Was looking for any ideas on how we might expect the difficulty to increase once the z9 hits the market.

This is a question nobody can answer. If you can tell me how many Z9’s are being sold in batch 1 and 2 and when they are shipped someone could do some vague calculation, but we do not know. It could be 500, 1000, 5000 or even 10.000 units per batch.

The next thing we had to know is where (which coin) is every of these Z9s mining and how many are allready on the network.

This said, there is NO way to say how much it will increase. From history we know it will increase significantly… Everybody posting numbers on that is just wild guessing and speculating…

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