Just started mining. Do these numbers seem right?

Hello everyone! I just started mining today and just wanted to run the numbers by you guys to see if there where they should be.

Im running a gtx 1080ti and mining on flypool.

Im getting between 700-750 Sol/s
My GPU temp stays around 73C the entire time
My CPU is running at about 39C

Does all of this sound about right? Thanks for any input.

@HParker Yep, those numbers seem just fine. You might be able to get the temps down slightly if you adjust your fan speed. Do you have a founders edition or non-reference?

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I have the ftw3 its this one

You can probably get better temps with that card. Are you just running with the stock fan settings?

Yep. What do you recommend?

Hey @vgm. Do you think it’s better to manually set fan speed and keep temp lower rather than leave them auto? I suppose auto should handle it the best or I am wrong?

Keep the fan around 70 … you should be fine…

@VanijaDev Manual is definitely the way to go, otherwise your temps will be much higher and you could run into stability issues when overclocking. I’ve had all my open air MSI RX480 rigs set at 65-70% fan speed mining for over a year with almost zero downtime, and the temps never go above 60 degrees. Usually around 55 average. My single 1070 is another story, but that’s only because it’s a founders edition inside a case. My 1070 fan is set at 85% with the power limit at 90% and it runs around 63 degrees.

Keep in mind that anything below 80 degrees is considered safe, so it’s not necessary to target such low temperatures, it’s just my personal preference. You might find you prefer silence rather than lower temps, so you can adjust your fan speed accordingly.

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Thank you @vgm for useful information! I have just overclocked my cards 1080 ti to:
Voltage +30
GPU +80
Memory + 600

temps: 71, 76, 73 (fans left as auto)
Average Sol/s +25
Average Efficiency +10

So far so good, no stability problems or high temp. Will keep these settings and will update in few days.