Gtx 1070 120 sol/s

Posted link but moderators here delete it. Entirely legit coder (he developed lbc miner branches many of us used). A lot of existing miner devs are about to become irrelevant.


What OS? What miner software? NH?

You do realize most miner devs don’t get paid ?

NH fork, Windows, it’s all in the bitcoin talk thread but this forum blocks the link. He may crowdfund it like he did with lbc

how much does his lbry miner get on 1070?

cannot find this on btctalk forum…, could you provide us bit more infos/keywords…?

just found this post in btc: new djm34 miner coming soon Wink current speed around 110sol/sec on 1070 Cheesy without any infos/code

@Your2 Here is the link to the bitcointalk thread you were talking about: CCminer(SP-MOD) Modded GPU kernels.

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Well, when surfaces i’ll definitely take a look at this one :slight_smile:

just get him to add a fee to it like we already pay the funders 20% hell people will pay him 5% happily to use that!\no point in crowdfunding and waiting,… you dont know what the price of ZEC will be tomorrow…

add a % mining fee to it and get it out ASAP!
get it out now and he will make the money that he would have made crowdfunding in a few days of mining fees… and then he will keep making money

I don’t see HARD evidence that it was one card.

Screenshots only report numbers. Not what the miner was initialized with hardware wise.

Of course there is no miner that magically does 3-4x what leading developers can reach and is available through some noob account. Download it and brace for the malware.

120 Sol/s on a $600 GPU that uses 400 Watts (90% of TDP as he said) is not better than using old PCs. And it can’t compete with people installing a miner on their home PC (1/4 the electrical cost and they don’t care about it anyway). At these prices, people will install it on their home PC in droves. The network hash rate will be so high GPUs will have to pay $5,000 per ZEC in 3 months just for electricity. Investing in GPUs (or even CPUs for that matter) for this coin is potentially a bad idea if Zcash’s 2nd core objective succeeds.

i dont think its available for download yet
he was talking about releasing it.

for all we know the screen shots are edited and its a joke

give the miner t me and ill show people if its real or not :stuck_out_tongue:

where is the miner?, Talk to me :smiley:

djm34 is not a noob account. he’s been away from the scene for a while. now we know what he’s been up to at least. Also a GTX1070 tdp is not 400W but 150W.

Correct a 1070 is not a 400W card… Don’t know where he got that from otherwise I would have not purchased it for my gaming rig.

No reason to believe anyone just because their account name matches. If you are going to claim 300% performance increase, you don’t just post a download link.

Waiting with much anticipation.

?? From where u get these numbers?

TPD of one 1070 is 150W, 90% load is = 135W
Just to compare, the RX 480 TDP is 150W, but the sapphire ones repport 177W on heavy load.

400 Watt: Sorry, I did a Google search and read only the summary text. Yes, 140 watts.

So its electricity per solve is about the same as a modern CPU (say, an i7-6700T at 35 W with DDR4 should give over 25 Sol/s since my i7-2600 DDR3 is 21 Sol/s with nheqminer, and my total desktop wattage requirements are typically equal to the CPU’s TDP rating when running these algorithms).

My 2011 CPUs need 350 Watts (measured) to get 120 Sol/s at a cost of $1100 on ebay. So this advancement is 2.5x less electricity and initial cost compared to what I’m doing. So maybe a new CPU miner can do a similar jump in improvement.