Fan Speed - 1080ti

I have a rig running with 1080ti Gaming OC 11g x3 fans
When I use fan speed 70% I get 65-70 C
when I use fan speed 100% I get 50-55 C
Ofcourse the 100% precent is louderand 70% is hotter.
So which option is the the best to keep the GPU alive as long as possible and more power efficient


All of the fan speeds are gud

Can you be more specific?

Color heat codes goes as
69c or lower Green
70c to 79c yellow
80c+ red

Some prefer to keep there in the green, others in the low to mid 70c range

Either setting you’re in the green range for GPU temperature. It’s now a personal preference

Keeping the card at 70c or a bit under is fine. If you run fan at 100% it won’t last as long before it breaks.