Fan speed percentage and durability

Hey guys, does anyone have experience with gpu fans and their durability?

Like if I would keep gpu fans on 100% for 1 straight year would that damage the fans or the gpu in anyway?
What could be a good fan speed-percentage to have some stable temperatures without wearing out GPU?

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I was investigating this for a while (I have 7 gpu mining rig, so temp is a concern). Max 90% it’s okay. 100% it’s a fan killer.

You can buy like 18/20" box-type fan , stick it in front and drop all GPU fans to 30% or so.
Does wonders for cooling, lowering temps of GPUs and using lower % of GPU fans.

Thanks for your mention, I’ve been brining up fans to 80-90% during the hottest hours of the day…

I was thinking of ordering one for each GPU:
do you think it’s enough? Or should I consider a bigger fan?

I’ve got a small mining setup and the one thing I can tell you from experience is that you need air flow through the room. If you don’t, regardless of what fans you have in front of the GPUs, a “sealed” room or one without enough airflow is going to get hot very quickly.

Even opening a door doesn’t necessarily get it cooler - in my opinion you need something like a window at one end, and a window/door at the other. Air will pass through then. For me, this has allowed the air temperature (not GPU temperature) to drop from 45C to 35C within a few minutes.

Using box fans will work for small setups, but if you think of them of trying to hurry along/speed up cooler air passing over the GPUs to cool them - but once the GPUs heat up the air, you need ther air to find a way out of the room or it will recirculate and get temperature will continue to increase.