Final Balance vs total sent

Hello, just have a quick simple question I hope.

I’m mining to flypool and I’m just trying to understand things better. My wallet address is not the same as the miner address shown on flypool. I’m not sure what that address is and just trying to figure out what that means.

Also, the final balance vs total sent is pretty significantly different. I have 1.6 ZEC that is in my “Final Balance” What exactly does that mean? Is that ZEC that I will receive or is that not my ZEC?


I can answer part of your question I hope. First thing is when mining of Flypool, you have to mine directly to your wallet. If the wallet address on Flypool and your wallet address do not match, then you will not be receiving Zcash when you pass the threshold on Flypool.

Hi there bgaddis88
I have the same thing at my wallet ,but when looked at your wallet I fount that you sent the 1.6 ZEC you have at the Final Balance.
I was thinking what did you do?
any help would be appreciated!