First mining rig for nicehash

does cpu matter for mining like g4400 and 6x 1080ti? and with motherboard with 6x pcie 3.0.

No, cpu does not matter

has someone tried 6x 1080ti on one motherboard and does it work?

I believe @root and @BUTUZ both have 6+ 1080 ti rigs

I think the mobo bio’s had to be flashed, but yes… maybe they can chime in since i tagged them

The most I’ve gotten was 5, but it did work (yes, flash bios to the latest). I’m sure it would work with 6, but I divvied the cards amongst other machines. I’ll be adding more and will update.

My suggestion is to avoid the EVGA 1080 ti sc2 all-in-one cards if you’re using more than 4 on a rig. It will work with more than 4, but you’ll be stuck with the default fan speeds because MSI afterburner isn’t able to find the blower fan (controls don’t work). EVGA Precision XOC doesn’t work with more than 4 cards - it will give you a warning and then not let you control the 5th card (also buggy).

On the other hand, the new Corsair Hydro 1080 ti water cooled cards are excellent. They run 10% faster, cost about the same and MSI afterburner recognizes the blower fans. The radiator fans actually plug directly into the motherboard, so I would suggest getting 2 PWM fan splitters and controlling them from the bios (I run them at 80%, nice and consistently cool). The fan splitters are $5 a piece.

Note: I haven’t tried unplugging the EVGA radiator fans and going directly into the mobo, but that would probably work. My main concern is with the lack of control over the blower on-board fan.

sorry for posting at wrong place but has someone tried ordering gpu from

I inquired once about two different cards from two different venders, and was promptly asks to go email direct communication with them and to complete the order I would send them money via western union or moneygram… all outside of alibaba…

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I found the email they sent me: "Payment via western union or MoneyGram is Ok and satisfied by our customer

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After doing some math, I am convinced that a 1080Ti rig would be better than a 1070 one. I am also running an AIO currently - MSI Seahawk X. Want more but seem to be out of stock. Might just go for the air cooled ones. What PSU and mobo are you using?

Damn, I ordered x7 1080 Ti’s to try fit them in one Rig, and got the cancer MSI Z170A MOBO, so it’ll be even a bigger PITA. FML

Please share your math, and where you are getting your parts and their prices…

My numbers here

I didn’t do a detailed analysis, just some quick mental calculations. A 1070 hashes at about 60% speed compared to a 1080Ti and costs about 55% (USD 389/ USD 699 on Newgegg US - cheapest non reference cards) as much. So far advantage 1070, but not by much. But when you add the cost of an extra PSU/mobo, consider the higher value retention over time for a 1080Ti, reduced risk of obsolesce etc - the 1080 Ti wins.

Also, I am not sure where you got your numbers from?

6x - 1080ti = roughly 4,500 H/s at a cost of (cards only) $4,488 €
6x - 1070 (air cooled) = 2,700 H/s at a cost of (cards only) $1,914 €

Based on your figures above, a 1070 costs 319, and a 1080 Ti costs 748 (not exactly sure what currency you are using?). On Newegg UK, from what I can see, the price “ratio” is almost the same as what I quoted for the US (£311/ £554).