Flypool CPU mining

Hi everyone!

Newbe here just getting started with mining. I’ve been mining other cryptocurrencies before (BTC, FTC, LTC) but took a long pause from it since it got to a point where it was not profitable for me anymore.

Well things have changed and I have the opportunity to run some equipment 24/7 without any electricity costs. As of now i have two rigs running with some older equipment generating about 5-600 Sols/s on the GPU:s and about 30 Sols/s on the CPU:s.

When I first started I was using Slush Pool, but in the last week there has been a very low rate of blocks, so I moved over to Flypool instead.

The GPU workers are showing up and as far as I can see are generating money, however the two CPU:s (Intel i7:s) are not showing up at all, which they did when using Slush Pool.

My question is if they are generating so little value to the pool that it’s discarded and I’m running the CPU-miners for nothing? Or if the shares that they acctually provides will be tracked?

Thanks in advance!

Flypool shows low hashrates not exactly, however all shares are tracked and lead to payments.

CPU mining is pathetic now. Wish it could be other (or even dynamic) Equihash parameters to promote RAM vendors, not GPU.

when you really want to use your cpu then you should take a look into cryptonight. it’s a light based algo made for cpu mining.
currently the best coin you can mine with your cpu in electroneum.