Receiving what I had mining on flypool

Im started to use flypool today.
To mine, Im use a t_address generated with "$ ./src/zcash-cli getnewaddress"
When will I receive, where will I be sent? Since this address was created on my machine? I have an account (bitcoin) in (a Brazilian trade). Is it possible to send to this account even though it is being mined at my home address?

i dont get it why people with small farms and complete noobs still use private local wallets with syncin nodes.
Why dont you just use an adress that deposit directly to an enxchanger like poloniex or kraken?Why going thro all the hassle with local node wallet

because it is interesting to learn how this works?

Because when these noobs come here they ask how to do it, other noobs who think they are better than others, instead of helping, respond in an uneducated way

to answer your question
if you are mining on flypool with the generated address the zec will be credited to the generated address.
You can send the zec to any exchange that accepts zcash.
I asked a question earlier and you might want to do that as well so in case something happens you can recover your zec

./src/zcash-cli dumpprivkey t... will give you the private key so you can recover your zec

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Oh... great!

I just created an account at Poloniex. Just to be sure: I just need to create a deposit address on Poloniex and mine with it. That's right?

you can do that but i mine to my local created address
i control the private key so i control my cash

when i want to exchange them i send them to Poloniex

Looks good. Thanks man!